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Hurricane Harvey Notifications

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I checked here Saturday and Sunday while we were stranded in League City to see if there were any updates on possible flooding, etc.

Our dogs could have been in immediate danger.

What is this Website For???  Posting any kind of information would have helped all Homeowners.

We all should be Greatful to Darrel Haney




I am sorry to not address you as to your profile being private. Everyone was asked to join the website, so if you could please join, that would be great.


I am not sure of the information you were looking for during the storm on here but the website was not intended for any emergency information. I noticed a lot of people did keep in contact with each other through our facebook page as well as texting each other. No one on here asked any questions to be addressed. Everyone does not respond to me when i have asked everyone to join the web page or facebook page, so I am not sure how everyone would like to keep updated. 


Some of the neighbor hood lost internet and could not use much technology to get through. 



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